The most beautiful geocoin is always the mine! :-) Whoever has some day participated in making a design of the geocoin affirms that theese geocoins are always the best and closest to the heart.

In the past only a small number of people could get this feeling because the realisation of one coin is really expensive. So normally the individual could not make it - Geocoin4you brings the change. Everybody can make his own geocoin!

Geocoin4you brings the possibility to everyone to be at the birth and realisation of his own geocoin. Everybody can fulfill this dream! You don't have to have hundreds of euros for paying the manufacture anymore!.

The only thing you need is time to think about the deisgn of the geocoin. What is going to be on the front side and on the back side. Will it be round or square? Or maybe ovoid? An abnormal shape? Will it be colorful or just made of metal? Is it going to represent our community or just my design vision?

I have an idea (Geocoin4you helps you - send a message: so it's time to fulfill my dream. On the website everybody can see the proposal and support it.

I won't let anything on chance. I will text my friends in the community and everybody who could like my proposal - this is the way to succeed - just only with the support of others I can realise my dream!

As well I can help somebody else to fulfill his dream by my support.

Everybody can have his own geocoin!



16.11.2015 15:55