1 Introduction

These Terms and Conditions are binding. By using the website geocoin4you.com or geocoinforyou.com (hereinafter as “Portal” or “Geocoin4you.com”) the User consents to the following Terms and Conditions, accedes them and undertakes to abide by them. The Operator reserves the right to partial changes in the individual provisions of the Terms and Conditions.

2 Definition of Terms

  • User - Any visitor of the Geocoin4you.com Portal

  • ZP - Founder of the Project - a user who establishes his/her project at the Geocoin4you.com Portal and thus offers the other users the opportunity for presale of Geocoin with an own design.

  • Registered Manufacturer - ZP, who is also the manufacturer of Geocoin. A company producing Geocoins can register.  The registration must be approved by the Operator of Geocoin4you.com.

  • PP – Project Contributor – A User who contributed to the project of ZP. That entitles him/her to a reward in the event of a Successful Project.

  • Project - Presentation of creative activity of ZP at the Geocoin4you.com Portal. It has predetermined parameters for successful completion - the Target Amount or Quantity of Geocoin units sold and the number of days of presentation.

  • Successful Project - A project that collected at least the Target Amount or Quantity by 10 p.m. of the last day of presentation. Reward is then sent to individual Contributors by the Operator or Registered Producer.

  • Unsuccessful Project – A project, which by the date of its expiry, did not reach the Target Amount or Quantity. All the funds collected are sent back to each PP.

  • Discontinued Project - Project whose presentation ended and can no longer be supported by the PP.

  • Operator  Administrator of the Geocoin4you.com Portal, the company GEO fashion s.r.o., ID: 24145301, registered office at Komenského 579, Post Code 272 01, Kladno, Czech Republic.

  • Target Amount or Quantity - Total collected financial resources or the total number of sold pieces of Geocoin in presale from the ZP project, which are – after completion of the Project – used for implementation the Project manufacturing or sent to a Registered Manufacturer. Before sending there are deducted the transaction fees (varies by type of transaction - see Appendix No. 1 to this document)

  • Remuneration for Project Founder - if the Project is successful, the Geocoin4you.com Portal shall provide to ZP free of charge all produced versions of Geocoin according to his design

  • Reward - pre-ordered Geocoins that the Geocoin4you.com Portal or Registered Manufacturer delivers, after production, to the Project Contributor. It is specified in the Project.

  • Non-taxable person - a person who does not fall under the definition in Section 5 of the Act No. 235/2004 Coll., on Value Added Tax, as amended.

3 Description of Services

Geocoin4you.com is a web Portal through which Users can present their own proposal of Geocoin design, which they intend to produce. To this end, the Users (Project Founders) will publish their projects at Portal Geocoin4you (design of Geocoin, color, material) and set the total sum, which should be collected (this applies for Registered Manufacturers) or the total quantity of pieces of Goeocoin to be sold (Target Amount or Quantity for other ZPs), they need to realize and start production of the presented Geocoin. Other Users of the Geocoin4you.com Portal can support the presented project by a purchase of a Reward or they can contribute without requiring anything in return. Part of each Project is to create a system of Rewards that individual Contributors receive in the event of Project Success. If during the deadline set at the establishment of the Project the due amount is collected (sold quantities of Geocoin pieces) corresponding to the minimum Target Amount and Quantity, the Project is deemed successful and the Project Founder is entitled to realization of the Geocoin production (a Registered Manufacturer becomes entitled to payment of the contributions by PP). If the Target Amount or Quantity is not achieved by the deadline, the invested funds are returned to the individual contributors in full, except in cases where a provider of banking services charges a fee per executed transaction even in case of a refund. In this case, there is returned the entire contribution, after deducting the amount of such banking fee, which is Annex no. 1 of these Terms and Conditions.

4 Acceptance Conditions

By a successful registration or by making payment for a Reward the User accepts these Terms and Conditions. The Operator undertakes not to provide his/her personal data to third parties and these data may be used by the Operator exclusively for internal purposes of the Geocoin4you.com Portal, i.e. only to achieve the purpose for which the finance was provided.

5 Terms of Use

  1. When using the Geocoin4you.com Portal the User is obliged to follow the law of the Czech Republic.

  2. The User is not authorized to use the Geocoin4you.com Portal for purposes other than those referred to in Article 3 of these Terms and Conditions, and is required to use this service only in person, not by proxy or any other similar way, the use and the results of the services are not transferable.

  3. The User is responsible for any activity on his/her account and shall not allow another person to access his/her account. The Operator is not responsible for any breach of this obligation.

  4. ZP and PP are required to provide the necessary information truthfully and to use the Portal in person. In the event of a breach of this obligation, the Operator is entitled to block the respective account.

  5. The User is not authorized to place on the Project page any content that harms or is potentially capable to damage in future the rights of third parties.

  6. Project Founder declares that in relation to the Operator he/she acts as a Non-taxable Person. Otherwise, he/she has the obligation to report this fact to the Operator.


6 Rights and Obligations


  1. By publication of a Project on the web Geocoin4you.com the Project Founder and the Operator enter into a contract, whose integral part are these Terms and Conditions, in the version effective on the day of Project publication, covering in particular the commitment of the Operator to publish the Project on the Geocoin4you.com Portal and after achieving the Target Amount or Quantity to produce the Geocoin designed by ZP and deliver all versions of the design that will be produced. If ZP is a Registered Manufacturer, the obligation is not production of the Geocoin but the obligation of the Operator to send to the ZP account the amount that consists of individual contributions and the obligation of ZP - Registered Manufacturer to take this amount and use it solely to cover the needs associated with the Project.

  2. If ZP is a Registered Manufacturer, the Operator is entitled to deduce from the total amount collected, lowered by transaction banking fees, a commission according to the achieved Target Amount (see Annex no. 1). The Operator is obliged to send the remaining amount to the account of the Registered Manufacturer within 9 working days from the date of completion of the presentation of the Project.

  3. If the Target Amount or Quantity is not achieved by the set deadline, the invested funds are returned to individual contributors in full.

  4. After successful Discontinued Project the Operator shall provide the Registered Manufacturer a list of all PP with their names and e-mail addresses to the extent necessary to send the appropriate rewards.

  5. By the moment of crediting his/her contribution on behalf of the Operator, the Contributor enters into a contract with the Geocoin4you.com Portal and the Project Founder – Registered Manufacturer.

  6. The Contributor agrees to provide all the data necessary to make a payment and its possible refund, and further agrees that the provided figures will be disclosed by the Operator to ZP to the extent necessary to send the appropriate Rewards.

  7. By sending the Project the ZP declares that he is not aware of any facts that would prevent the fulfillment of this contract. The Operator is not liable for an obligation of ZP - Registered Manufacturer to send Rewards from the Project Founder to individual Contributors. Operator is not responsible for the compliance of the Project with law and also is not liable for misuse of the Project by third parties as a result of its publication.

  8. Operator reserves the right, in its sole discretion, not to publish any Project, without giving any reason.

  9. Registered Manufacturers are required to send Contributors a Reward under this contract and in the event of a breach of the obligation he shall return the received amount to PP.

  10. ZP - Registered Manufacturer is entitled to refuse the collected finances without giving any reason and in such case the finances shall be returned to Contributors in full, after deducting commissions of the Operator, who shall then refund the PP costs.

  11. The operator is not liable for the fulfillment of obligations by the Project Founder - Registered Manufacturer that he assumed in connection with this contract.

  12. Operator is not responsible for the accuracy or veracity of these materials, nor for the delivery of Rewards by ZP - Registered Manufacturers of the Project.

  13. ZP is entitled to place on the Project website a link to a third party website. Operator is not responsible for the content of such other websites.

  14. Geocoin4you.com not liable for damages caused to users in the use of services. He is not responsible for the loss, failure, or possibly default by the ZP - Registered Manufacturer.

7 Payments

The contribution may be paid by bank transfer or via PayPal. Valid price list is part of the contract as Annex 1.

8 Intellectual Property

  1. Throughout the publication period there is fully retained the copyright of the Project Founder - Registered Manufacturer, whereas by publication on the Geocoin4you.com Portal there arise no rights for the Operator to the Project. Copyright to Projects established by ZP – non-registered manufacturers is reserved to PP.

  2. Operator is not responsible for the violation of the rights of third parties by the Project Founder.

  3. In case of doubt, the Operator reserves the right to request proof of ownership of intellectual property rights to individual Projects and Founder undertakes to cooperate.

9 Limitation of Liability

  1. Users are aware of the fact that the Operator is not obliged to adopt measures concerning the properties of Geocoin4you.com Portal users, neither concerning the form or content of the Project and is not liable for any harm they might suffer by viewing the content.

  2. User submitted content on the website of Geocoin4you.com does not represent the views of the Operator.

  3. The Operator is not liable for damage caused by any failure or malfunction of the Geocoin4you.com Portal. Using the Geocoin4you.com Portal is at your own risk.

  4. The User confirms that the Operator is not liable directly or indirectly for any damage incurred or caused by the use Geocoin4you.com services.

10 Electronic Delivery

By using the website the User agrees to electronic delivery of news, newsletter, and information about the project and realization of production.

11 Relevant (Applicable) Law

All legal relations arising out of use of the Geocoin4you.com Portal are governed by Czech law and any disputes arising out of these relationships shall be solved at relevant general courts of the Czech Republic.



Appendix 1 – Price List

The commission Operator of the project ZP - registered manufacturers:



Commissions on Projects that reached the target amount equal to or above CZK 30,000 CZK or EUR 1200


Commissions on Projects that reached the target amount less than CZK 30,000 or EUR 1200




Table of fees for the return of money from failed projects

Fee upon returning payment by card


Fee for returning payment by bank transfer *


Fee for returning payment by PayPal


* When returning payment by a bank transfer from a project account kept in EUR/$ to an account in the Czech Republic or from a project account kept in CZK to an account abroad, the exact amount of the refund depends from the current exchange rate at FIObank.