We send the packages to the whole world. You finds out the price of the postage while recapitulating your choice of bounty/bonus. The postage is: to USA - 13,98 $, to Germany - 8,43€, to UK - 12,65€.

It is possible to unite the postage to one package if you support several projects. The package will be send after the end of all supported projects. You can unite for example five different projects to one package for the price of one postage.

How does it work?

1) I choose a project and I support it. The postage will be add to my bounty according to my country.

2) I choose another project and I support it. While recapitulating before the choice of payment I can choose the unification of the packages.

3) I can also unite the packages in the menu of my account in the part: I support where I choose the projects which I want to unite into one package.

4) The package will be send after the end of the last project united to the package.

It is a good way how to save money for the postage.

08.10.2015 12:25