Do I like the geocoins? Do I want to make my own geocoin according to my vision? And do I want to have it for free? Then this is my place -!

How does it work?
1) I have the idea about the design of my geocoin. I want the geocoin according to my vision. I make a registration and I set up new project where I approximate the appearance of my coin and the inspiration that brought me to the idea about my geocoin design. For example I have my own community and it's time to make our own geocoin which will represent us in the world. Or some important event is coming and I want to exteriorize it on the geocoin. Or for instance I like the Alien so I want to have it on my geocoin and send it to the world.

2) I'm not a graphic designer so I sent my e-mail to: explaining my idea about the appearance of my geocoin. Geocoin4you will prepare the vision of my geocoin and make it pubic on this web. Or I'm a good graphic designer so I prepare the visualisation of my geocoin and make it public on the web.
3) The proposal for the geocoin will appear for 15 days at least. I'll tell my friends or my community about it. Everybody who likes the geocoin can support it and thereby help for its realisation. You can support the coin if you choose the bounty for the support where I can choose the pack of future geocoins from 1 piece to the complete pack of all made versions of support geocoin.

4) By this support I'll get the original piece and moreover I'll help someone realise his dream about his own coin!

5) When the geocoin gets 100% of the support it will be made and I can look forward to my own geocoin, which I'll get for free in all made versions.

6) And if my design does not get the necessary support? In that case the geocoin will not be made but everyone who supported the coin will get his money back in full extent.

7) And what about the postage? The postage will be add to the price of the bounty according to the country. It is possible to unite the postage. If I support one project I can support another one and let send my geocoins in one package for one postage - it makes me save money.

8) I like Geocoin4you and I have an idea about making the website better or I want to cooperate - I contact the administrator on e-mail:

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